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Donna Z. Germain, LCSW, SLP, is a parenting and developmental specialist who has been working with parents and young children since 1991. Donna is a clinical social worker and a licensed speech-language pathologist who holds a post-graduate certificate from the Institute for the Clinical Study of Infants, Toddlers, and Parents. Todd Germain, LCSW, OTR, is a psychotherapist and a licensed occupational therapist. Todd has completed advanced training in child and adolescent psychotherapy at the William Alanson White Institute; he has been working with individuals, couples, families, and groups since 1987. Donna and Todd provide developmental assessments based on their unique understanding of the process of parenthood and child development, as well as on the interaction between each parent's temperament and life experiences with those of their child. They provide parent guidance and support, combined with developmentally based interventions designed to resolve developmental issues, and assist parents in discovering a parenting style that enhances their child's development and simultaneously their own experience of being a parent.

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